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BASureShot Leadership

Brenda Hill: Founder and President

Expert in project logistics and contract management

  • • Twenty-Three years of Program Management/Acquisition Logistics/Contracts Management
    for various DoD Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) and Navy C4ISR programs
  • • Six years experience in Indiana Army National Guard as a Personnel Management Specialist
  • • Master’s Degree – Management/Acquisition & Contracts Management,
    Florida Institute of Technology (April 2011)

Brendas' Full Biography

Brenda Hill

Edward Hill: Founder and Vice President

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

  • • Four years active Duty Experience with the United States Marines
    including combat experience
  • • Two years active Reserve USMC, Ten Years Army Reserve as
    a Commissioned officer
  • • Seven years Experience in Law Enforcement as County Sheriff Deputy and
    City Police Officer
  • • Thirty-Two years - Program Management/Acquisition Logistics for various
    DoD and Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) and C4ISR programs

Edwards' Full Biography

Edward Hill


Larry Tomlin: Pistol Instructor

  • • Twenty years Experience as a Huntsville Police Officer
  • • Two years in the Montgomery Police Department
  • • One year Experience in the US Customs Service
  • • Alert Verified Active Shooter Instructor
  • • FBI Advanced Officer Survival/Firearms
  • • Whitesburg Baptist Church Security Unit (WASU), Training Officer and Team Armorer

Larry Tomlin

Heath Ferry: Self Defense Expert

  • • 1
  • • 2
  • • 3
  • • 4

Heath Ferry

Ron Schaffer: Communications Expert

  • • 1
  • • 2
  • • 3
  • • 4

Ron Schaffer

Stacey Hamner: Physical Security / Threat Assessment

  • • Twenty-Nine years as U.S. Army Military Intelligence Special Agent
  • • Service in multiple theaters of operation
  • • Specialized in counterterrorism and force protection operation
  • • Experienced in vulnerability and physical security assessments
  • • Conducted multiple assessment on installations and church facilities
  • • Whitesburg Baptist Church Security Unit (WASU), Physical Security and Threat Assessment SME

Stacey Hamner

Ted Mielke: Pistol Instructor

  • • Six years active, two years reserve U. S. Army Military Intelligence
  • • Fifteen years NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
  • • Eleven years NRA Personal Protection Instructor
  • • Three years NRA Defensive Pistol Instructor
  • • Fifteen years NRA Range Safety Officer
  • • Trained multiple church security teams in North Alabama area

Ted Mielke

Greg Hopkins: Legal

  • • Practicing lawyer in Alabama for 28 years
  • • City Prosecutor for Huntsville, where he taught legal use-of-force to HPD
  • • Clerk for the AL Court of Criminal Appeals
  • • Author of A Time To Kill: The Myth of Christian Pacifism

Check Out "A Time To Kill"

Greg Hopkins

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