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Church Security Services

Active Shooter Security Plan

BASureShot, LLC provides a multi-level approach that gives church administrators several options to choose from. All options include a basic Security Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) that will cover responding to situations from a simple disruption of services to an active shooter event. Additional options include a customized Security Plan, Active Shooter Plan, use of surveillance cameras, central operations, communications and first responder training. These services can be customized to your church’s specific needs.

Customized Security Plans

BASureShot, LLC provides a customized Security Plan which incorporates your churches physical footprint, available church resources and what the church administration feels is appropriate for their situation. BASureShot, LLC’s training curriculum can be tailored to include church members as armed security and in conjunction with local law enforcement. Once the Security Plan is formed and agreed upon, the plan is rehearsed multiple times to include a full-scale rehearsal.

Child Abuse Prevention

Sadly children are often the target of abuse and it becomes the responsibility of church security and staff to protect children from harm.

  • • How to effectively protect children from domestic abuse by looking for warning signs such as unexplained injuries and a fear of going home
  • • Training on how to properly document suspected child abuse and determining when it is time to contact child protective services
  • • Establish operating procedures to ensure children only leave with authorized adults
  • • Design and implement a customized lockdown procedure in the event a child is lost or abducted

NRA Certification

BASureShot, LLC provides a standardized curriculum that includes NRA Certified Firearms safety and use, biblical use of force and the law as it pertains to the legal use of force. These courses are designed to prepare your security team for any event they might encounter while protecting your congregation. Team members will learn the following skills.

  • • How to stop an attacker or a person who is disrupting the church service with verbal and less than lethal means all the way up to deadly force;
  • • Establish an escape route;
  • • How to barricade, disarm and fight the shooter;
  • • What concealed carry members should or should not do and more.

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